Quick updates

September 23, 2009

LAZY. There are no other reasons for me to abandon this blog of mine.  To keep this blog alive again, lets start with:

1. I’m done with my internship at Jabatan Air. I was asked by the chairman/chief engineer whether the 3 months internship is sufficient. I gave him the wrong answer by saying NO..  I should have said yes but my wish is to visit the Babagon and Kasigui Dam. No allowance from Jabatan Air but he was good enough to give Rm300 as a pocket money.

2. I’m in my final year, semester 7 to be exact, no longer staying in Danaumas Apartment but in a flat near the Pasar malam seksyen 7. In fact, I’ve moved in there last semester, during the exam week to be precised.

3. Based on the Plan of Study, I’m on track. As for Special Topics, I’m taking World Class Manufacturing and Material for Engineering Applications. Both are reading subjects, obviously. I have approached Prof. Madya Esa Haruman(my lecturer for Material for Engineering Applications) for my Final Year Project 1 and currently working on the proposal. Oh, the title is Nitriding of Low-Alloy Steel..

4. I seldom turun training for Taekwondo nowadays.  I have gained some weight and I’m eager to lose all the fats.I guess there will be no tournaments for this semester.

5.  I’m spending my raya holiday in my sister’s place in Ampang(17th-23rd Sept) and will fly to Bandung with her tomorrow(24th -27th sept)…

Okay, I guess that’s all. will post some pictures soon. Good Day people.


Exam sucks!

November 26, 2008

I’m confused, whether or not I’m in the right track. Exam is over and the holiday is on. All I can think of now is how terrible the results that I’m getting. I am not smart.  I’m not as smart as I look. I’m totally not a geek. I really mean this because some people think that I am. Do you have any idea how pathetic that is? Well, Very much, Very much. Look, I do not intend to whine here but I’m just being realistic. This is too hard for me. The course that I’m taking now is beyond the grasp of an ordinary student like me. I’m sick of getting average results. I really screwed up in my final exam. I really did. *sigh*

Everything seems to be topsy-turvy during the final exam. Obviously, I was tormented by the final exam and will always be! My test marks ranges from average to above average.  Nevertheless, I alas failed in my test 1 for Thermodynamics II. My fear now is repeating that particular paper coz I’m not confident of what I did in the final exam. I have to say that the possibility of failing the paper is astronomically high! I blame Laplace paper (which happened to be the previous paper before Thermodynamics II) for this.

Damn. My writing really shows that I’m enormously tormented by the final exam right?

Screw final exams!

Movie marathon.

October 1, 2008

I had a movie marathon at Midvalley Golden Screen Cinema on the first day of Raya. The first movie that I watched is Eagle eye at 2pm, followed by  KAMI THE MOVIE at 4.55pm. Both movies are satisfying. I love them. But the ending of both movies are like “anti-ending”. That’s what I call it. But overall, I love just them… 


Shia Labeouf is a real good actor in Eagle Eye.   




It’s a sad movie. If I were a girl I would have cried. Well that’s just literally. Hahaha. But the story is indeed very sad. I’ve been following KAMI since their drama episode at 8TV. I don’t know how I can get hooked up with this so called “underground series”. Maybe because of the friendship incorporated in this series. This was my first time of watching Malay movie in the cinema. Here are some photos from the scene of KAMI THE MOVIE.


                                      ABu can’t sing                                                                 





 Ali tries to protect Lyn from Boy,the pusher








                                                                           Ali and LYN


The Girls of KAMI

Things start to go wrong

                                                                       KAMI THE MOVIE


Khaizaijie kuaile.

October 1, 2008

October 1 2008- First and foremost, I’d like to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Enjoy your holiday, drive safely during this festive season and most importantly, don’t forget to save some Kuih and Duit Raya for me. hehe.  I managed to fulfill my pledge for the Ramadan month. 15 days of fasting. Mission accomplished! There was one time I fasted for 5 days in a row. Thanks for the support people but what I enjoyed most was breaking fast with my friends.   

 I was supposed to spend Raya with my sister but then she got a last minute called from dad. I was very furious to know that my dad has last minutely sponsored an air ticket for her to Sabah.  I was really really mad at both my sis and dad. The sulking continues when my sis tries to call me. What I did was I listened to what she had to say and replied I lazy wanna talk to you and I hung up. But before flying back to Sabah, she took me out for Break fast at Restoran Kampar located somewhere in Klang. Dad called while we were waiting for the Azan to berkumandang(haha) . He asked what am I going to do for my holiday. I was like “ DAD, YOU DON’T ADD THE ANNOYANCE!” . I morosely talked to my dad that I don’t have any plans for my holiday. Then dad tries to console me, bah ko balik la. Sia sponsor ko tiket. I rejected the offer. Di (dad), malas la sia mau balik, tapi ko kirim sia duit la. I know how to play smart with Dad. He then asked about my finances.

Dad : Ada lagi duit ko?

Me: Untuk bayar 2 months punya rent ada, tapi duit untuk enjoy2 teda.

I have no idea I was that genius. Dad finally agreed to deposit some money into my account.

Catch up.

August 19, 2008

It is now the fourth day of holiday but a lot of catch ups are required. I feel like I’m being left far behind from the others. Being in the nerd group of M1 really scared the shit out of me. It’s true yet highly beneficial for an ordinary student like me. Now that I am in semester 5, things are not getting any easier. Thermodynamics II and System dynamics seem to be my worst fear. Lab reports on the other hand are driving me nuts.

I need to settle down, so badly. My involvement in numerous activities has given a big impact on my studies. No worries I guess because Ramadan is coming up and it would be the best opportunity for me/us to settle down because Ramadan is the month of fasting.

The truth is, I’m a true GTF enthusiast. It’s part of life right now. The bonding of “Geng Katak” is so strong and I believe it will continue to grow more vigorously. The upcoming event is the National Tournament which is going to be held on the 29th and 30th of August 2008 at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam.

I will try to update my blog whenever I have extra hours. Till then.

Mid semester break.

August 15, 2008

I think my entire course mates including me, were not in the mood of going to class early this morning. There were quite a small number of them attending the 8.30am, Mat405 Laplace class. Frankly, I had 50-50 feeling of going to the particular class too. But since I have to submit my “redone” Fluid lab report, I kept on telling my mind that attending the class is a like a win-win situation because I was already in my faculty. With reluctance, I forced myself to step into room B3-A10-9/10. I don’t like to be unprepared for the class because I am a fond of math. But then I have to admit that it was worth it because we (only a few of us in the class) get extra marks for the In Class Assignment.

But you can say that this whole mood swing of not attending classes is reasonable.

You know why? 

Mid semester Break tells all ~~(16th -23rd August) ~~

P/s: Due to my intolerable laziness, I have actually made my second debut of escaping the evening Mandarin 3 class. =p Have a great holiday everyone!!

Jalan jalan…

May 8, 2008

To me, ” Ironman” is not a type of movie that is worth watching in cinemas. Opinion ranges across the spectrums but my genre of movie is still gonna be HORROR.Yeah, I’ve watch Ironman  last night at Bukit Raja, Klang. I only paid rm6 for it since it was Wednesday. Nasib baik lah bukan Rm12 like the one in Midvalley. It was okay la but what I can say is that Transformers is a lot better. =)

We went back to Shah Alam right after the movie finished. After sending Ojep’s girlfriend to her hostel, we then went for a dinner at Hidayah. The night was still young then. So, we (Faizal,Adeq,Ojep and Raidah) went for a bowl at Oleh Oleh. We had a blast but unfortunately Kak Nora did not had the chance to join the club. Poor her. Sorry Kak nora. The next destination was Uptown, a place where they sell bundles and stuff. It was 3.30am. After a drink at Restoran Hakim, we finally agreed to go home. We stayed at Faizal’s… Ooops.. not before sending Raidah home..