A long sigh of relief.

January 22, 2009

Yeehar. I am happy to announce that I have gotten my scholarship allowance. Now I’m no longer broke.The agony of waiting has ended two days ago. I wanted to blog about this but I was just too exhausted. I’m extremely delightful because there’s a significant increment in the allowance. Almost everyday since the new semester starts I would check the balance in my Islamic Bank account. And you know how disappointing it is when the amount of money¬† in the account remains unchanged. So far, I had my laptop fixed and treated myself and a company Kenny Rogers. So yeah, I skipped training that day. hehe..

Everything is so tempting ever since that. I have one item in my mind now. A cellphone. I really deserve to get a new one because the one that I’m using now is so KUNO. No further explanation about the KUNO thingy because it’s really embarrassing. haha.. The good news is that my sister Maika is going to add up some on my budget. Ika, you are so bagus. Macam tu la kakak kesayangan .. wakakaka..