February 27, 2009


Been really really busy these days and LORDDDD… design is another issue!! Staying focus on the other hand is another different story. I can hardly concentrate specifically on studies. I’ve googled some info and tips on how to stay focus. Now i’m still in the midst of  applying the tips and making it as a routine to my daily life.  Semester 6 isn’t as easy as I thought.  CATIA and design turn my world upside down. Dunno la, maybe I just don’t have the flair for doing CATIA and design or maybe it’s just not the thing that I am good at.

“Ala, tak minat design n drawing tak engine lar.. “<– quotation from Mechanical engineering students.

Biar la, what do I care. That’s the problem when you’re a lone ranger type of student. I am used to doing things own my own but only with what I do well. Sometimes I just wish I have a good company whom can be my guidance  so that I don’t have to do the sickening Trial and Error which i’ve been practicing over the years. At least I don’t need to tebalkan my face to borrow assignments from my anonymous  classmates. Yeah, I did that, frequently(lately) especially in desperate moment. hahaha.

Good day people.  🙂


Exam sucks!

November 26, 2008

I’m confused, whether or not I’m in the right track. Exam is over and the holiday is on. All I can think of now is how terrible the results that I’m getting. I am not smart.  I’m not as smart as I look. I’m totally not a geek. I really mean this because some people think that I am. Do you have any idea how pathetic that is? Well, Very much, Very much. Look, I do not intend to whine here but I’m just being realistic. This is too hard for me. The course that I’m taking now is beyond the grasp of an ordinary student like me. I’m sick of getting average results. I really screwed up in my final exam. I really did. *sigh*

Everything seems to be topsy-turvy during the final exam. Obviously, I was tormented by the final exam and will always be! My test marks ranges from average to above average.  Nevertheless, I alas failed in my test 1 for Thermodynamics II. My fear now is repeating that particular paper coz I’m not confident of what I did in the final exam. I have to say that the possibility of failing the paper is astronomically high! I blame Laplace paper (which happened to be the previous paper before Thermodynamics II) for this.

Damn. My writing really shows that I’m enormously tormented by the final exam right?

Screw final exams!


Right after the Raya break.

10th October 2008: Mandarin sketch (20%)

11th October 2008: Test 2 for Manufacturing Process (10%)

17th October 2008: Mandarin Listening and Oral (30%)

18th October 2008: Test 3 for Laplace Transformation (10%)

20th October 2008: Test 2 for System Dynamics

I can sense more work/assignments coming up. Got two more Lab reports for Thermo. After that, interview session!

I’m not ready to take all these burdens. At least not now. *sigh*

Exams Timetable

26th October  2008 to 1st November 2008: A week of Study week.

4th November 2008: My first paper which falls on my birthday.. Laplace Transformation

10th November 2008: Mandarin 3

12th November 2008: System Dynamics

14th November 2008: Thermodynamics 2

17th November 2008: Manufacturing Process




August 20, 2008

I just read this blog of my taeky buddy. My goodness! I am really shocked to hear that her “Mr. Right” has died in a road accident few months ago. As he is referred as her “Mr. right” in her previous blog, what I can interpret is that he wasn’t just her Mr. Right but TrUE and Real Mr. Right.

I can never imagine myself in your shoes, Cat.

My Goodness……………….

Be strong Cat. You’re a strong person inside out, I know.

Have patience ya Cat. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

Catch up.

August 19, 2008

It is now the fourth day of holiday but a lot of catch ups are required. I feel like I’m being left far behind from the others. Being in the nerd group of M1 really scared the shit out of me. It’s true yet highly beneficial for an ordinary student like me. Now that I am in semester 5, things are not getting any easier. Thermodynamics II and System dynamics seem to be my worst fear. Lab reports on the other hand are driving me nuts.

I need to settle down, so badly. My involvement in numerous activities has given a big impact on my studies. No worries I guess because Ramadan is coming up and it would be the best opportunity for me/us to settle down because Ramadan is the month of fasting.

The truth is, I’m a true GTF enthusiast. It’s part of life right now. The bonding of “Geng Katak” is so strong and I believe it will continue to grow more vigorously. The upcoming event is the National Tournament which is going to be held on the 29th and 30th of August 2008 at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam.

I will try to update my blog whenever I have extra hours. Till then.

Overly disastrous.

June 23, 2008

Intersession is completely a disaster. I’m glad it’s over though. To me, Fluid 2 was incomprehensible.  

I suffered a lot! NO, I wouldn’t say that. The truth is WE..  WE suffered a lot! Words can’t describe how our situations were.

Imagine I have to attend the other group punya class just because I don’t understand my own lectures and it has become a hassle for me (us). There were few students who did the same thing as me. Well, that’s how we survived.

I however truly believe that there is a blessing in disguise behind all this. 

Here, I’d like express my appreciation to Mr. Nazri, thank you for allowing us to join in your class without any payment. Thank you so much for your kindness. Kudos to you!  

To Miss Azlin, my academic advisor, I really appreciate the recommendation and help from you. Kudos to you!

Also to my friend Zack and Yani, thanks for helping me out and most importantly thanks for the ride to class … From the faculty to my house. Back and forth…  Back and forth especially Zack. Haha.       

I almost forgot .The actual purpose for me to write this post is to inform you that I have actually finished my intersession exam today. Hooray, and my going back to Sabah this Thursday.