Chinese New Year to me is more or less like Christmas, except that on Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Chinese tradition, family members should dine together on the first day or night of the auspicious event. Although I’m not purely 100% Chinese, it still runs in my blood. Kadazan -Chinese is my family’s root, both from my maternal and paternal side. Having the chance to celebrate Chinese New Year and Christmas is pretty fun you know. So annually, my family will have an open house for Christmas so as Chinese New year.

Sadly, this is the third year of me spending Chinese New Year in peninsular. Three years without Ang Pau’s reminds me of those years when I was just a kid. I used to receive lots of red packets (ANG PAU) from uncles, aunties and from open houses that I attended. When I was in middle school my dad started giving us more amount of cash inside the thing we called Ang Pau.. The amount inside it meant a lot to me and my siblings. Well,we were typically money minded during our childhood time. Hahaha.. As I grew older and older I began to receive lesser and lesser and sometimes none. As for now, I couldn’t be happier as long as I’m at home with my family during Chinese New Year. The Ang Pau thing is not really important as you grow wiser. I still wish to have Ang Pau’s but only for good luck wish, not the value inside it. Red symbolizes Hong(luck). More Red means more and more luck to come.





Khaizaijie kuaile.

October 1, 2008

October 1 2008- First and foremost, I’d like to wish all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Enjoy your holiday, drive safely during this festive season and most importantly, don’t forget to save some Kuih and Duit Raya for me. hehe.  I managed to fulfill my pledge for the Ramadan month. 15 days of fasting. Mission accomplished! There was one time I fasted for 5 days in a row. Thanks for the support people but what I enjoyed most was breaking fast with my friends.   

 I was supposed to spend Raya with my sister but then she got a last minute called from dad. I was very furious to know that my dad has last minutely sponsored an air ticket for her to Sabah.  I was really really mad at both my sis and dad. The sulking continues when my sis tries to call me. What I did was I listened to what she had to say and replied I lazy wanna talk to you and I hung up. But before flying back to Sabah, she took me out for Break fast at Restoran Kampar located somewhere in Klang. Dad called while we were waiting for the Azan to berkumandang(haha) . He asked what am I going to do for my holiday. I was like “ DAD, YOU DON’T ADD THE ANNOYANCE!” . I morosely talked to my dad that I don’t have any plans for my holiday. Then dad tries to console me, bah ko balik la. Sia sponsor ko tiket. I rejected the offer. Di (dad), malas la sia mau balik, tapi ko kirim sia duit la. I know how to play smart with Dad. He then asked about my finances.

Dad : Ada lagi duit ko?

Me: Untuk bayar 2 months punya rent ada, tapi duit untuk enjoy2 teda.

I have no idea I was that genius. Dad finally agreed to deposit some money into my account.

Below are pictures of activities for semester 4.


Family Day at Taman Pertanian,Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam.

24th February 2008


Industrial Visit at SAPURA ENERGY

20th February 2008



World Taekwondo Tournament,(WTF) UiTM. Shah Alam and Faizal n twins’ Birthday.

23rd March 2008





 Traditional Taekwondo Tournament (GTF), The Summit Subang.

30th March 2008


GTf BBq day, UiTm.

12th April 2008



Keynah’s Birthday bash..

1st May 2008




I expressed my wish to my housemate for his 21th birthday early this morning. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

 Why do I say this?

It’s because a friend of mine feels awkward,ashamed and geli to wish anyone for their birthday even to his parents and siblings.

Well as for me, it’s okay to wish them coz at the same time you make them happy too.