February 27, 2009


Been really really busy these days and LORDDDD… design is another issue!! Staying focus on the other hand is another different story. I can hardly concentrate specifically on studies. I’ve googled some info and tips on how to stay focus. Now i’m still in the midst of  applying the tips and making it as a routine to my daily life.  Semester 6 isn’t as easy as I thought.  CATIA and design turn my world upside down. Dunno la, maybe I just don’t have the flair for doing CATIA and design or maybe it’s just not the thing that I am good at.

“Ala, tak minat design n drawing tak engine lar.. “<– quotation from Mechanical engineering students.

Biar la, what do I care. That’s the problem when you’re a lone ranger type of student. I am used to doing things own my own but only with what I do well. Sometimes I just wish I have a good company whom can be my guidance  so that I don’t have to do the sickening Trial and Error which i’ve been practicing over the years. At least I don’t need to tebalkan my face to borrow assignments from my anonymous  classmates. Yeah, I did that, frequently(lately) especially in desperate moment. hahaha.

Good day people.  🙂


no title la haiya.

January 5, 2009

I have been abandoning my blog ever since holiday started. But now I’m back. Back to reality. Back to where I am- pursuing my degree which are about to end in another one and a half year. I never thought I would make it through for last semester. Frankly, I’m quite satisfied with my result. Although not that extremely good, but I manage not to REFER any papers. The thing that keep running on my mind is how I miraculously got an A- for Laplace paper, the paper that had made me fell apart during the exam, the paper that affected my other subjects during the final exam. As for thermodynamic II, C is really good enough for me. As I can vividly remember, I only answered 3 out of 5 questions in the final exam. What could I possibly expect, right?
Anyway, another year has passed by. I hope it’s not too late to wish u guys a blessed New Year 2009. All the best in fulfilling your New Year resolution!
Everything is back to normal today. Attending classes, taking the Rapid bus, training, hell yes everything is back to normal. As much I hate to admit, I miss my mum. I am no mummy’s boy but I really miss her so much. I miss picking her up from work. Damn. I really hate it here. I still wanna be at home. *sigh* But come to think of it, I had fully utilized my holiday, so now it’s time to be on the track again. Of late, I have been suffering from headache. And you know what?
I’m running out of PONSTAN and PARACETAMOL(I hope I got right spelling). I think I should take some supplements because I am physically weak.
I think i should stop here coz my head is killing me now.


Right after the Raya break.

10th October 2008: Mandarin sketch (20%)

11th October 2008: Test 2 for Manufacturing Process (10%)

17th October 2008: Mandarin Listening and Oral (30%)

18th October 2008: Test 3 for Laplace Transformation (10%)

20th October 2008: Test 2 for System Dynamics

I can sense more work/assignments coming up. Got two more Lab reports for Thermo. After that, interview session!

I’m not ready to take all these burdens. At least not now. *sigh*

Exams Timetable

26th October  2008 to 1st November 2008: A week of Study week.

4th November 2008: My first paper which falls on my birthday.. Laplace Transformation

10th November 2008: Mandarin 3

12th November 2008: System Dynamics

14th November 2008: Thermodynamics 2

17th November 2008: Manufacturing Process