Quick updates

September 23, 2009

LAZY. There are no other reasons for me to abandon this blog of mine.  To keep this blog alive again, lets start with:

1. I’m done with my internship at Jabatan Air. I was asked by the chairman/chief engineer whether the 3 months internship is sufficient. I gave him the wrong answer by saying NO..  I should have said yes but my wish is to visit the Babagon and Kasigui Dam. No allowance from Jabatan Air but he was good enough to give Rm300 as a pocket money.

2. I’m in my final year, semester 7 to be exact, no longer staying in Danaumas Apartment but in a flat near the Pasar malam seksyen 7. In fact, I’ve moved in there last semester, during the exam week to be precised.

3. Based on the Plan of Study, I’m on track. As for Special Topics, I’m taking World Class Manufacturing and Material for Engineering Applications. Both are reading subjects, obviously. I have approached Prof. Madya Esa Haruman(my lecturer for Material for Engineering Applications) for my Final Year Project 1 and currently working on the proposal. Oh, the title is Nitriding of Low-Alloy Steel..

4. I seldom turun training for Taekwondo nowadays.  I have gained some weight and I’m eager to lose all the fats.I guess there will be no tournaments for this semester.

5.  I’m spending my raya holiday in my sister’s place in Ampang(17th-23rd Sept) and will fly to Bandung with her tomorrow(24th -27th sept)…

Okay, I guess that’s all. will post some pictures soon. Good Day people.


2 Responses to “Quick updates”

  1. I know what nitriding is. It’s a surface treatment kind of thing, right? Or to be exact, case hardening. We expose the material(in this case, the steel alloys) to nitrogenous atmosphere at an elevated temperature. This way we can enhance the surface hardness and fatigue life. Increasing the surface hardness required more stress before failure, consequently increasing its fatigue life.
    Haha. I hope I’m right!

  2. floyd87 Says:

    yesss les…you are absolutely correct!! u know, material is fun, but at times u’ll get fed up coz u hv to read A LOT. i got an A for my material science. =)

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