May 14, 2009

Okay, obviously exam has ended and it’s time for internship!! So yeah, i’m now a trainee at Jabatan Air,Gaya Park. I just started this week and apparently i’m the only intern there. Up until now, i’m not sure if that’s an advantage for me.
It is a mundane for me to wake as early as 6.30 in the morning. Thanks to mum for the everyday-breakfast. I am also lucky enough to have my sister, Fefer to iron my shirt.haha, i seem to be like a buly but she herself doesn’t mind and she’s doing it whole-heartedly, eventhough i’m not giving her anything in return.

It actually takes a mere of 10 minutes from my place to Jabatan Air. BUT the road is ARGHH.. JAMMED!.I usually went off around 7.30 and will reach at 8.

On the first day, I met the chief engineer Ir. Teo chee kong. He’s a busy man and they said that he’s a very nice guy. I went into his room with some other engineers and staff to discuss about my workfield. I couldn’t handle the inferiority coz i was surrounded by orang-orang besar. I did mention that i’m the only intern, right? He said that starting next month, i will be trained at The Water Treatment which is situated in Tamparuli. However, it’s only for a week or two.It’s 45 minutes to 1hour away from penampang. Estimated and subsidised by Mum, the appraisal cost for gas is rm20/day. I know the place, they brought me there the day before yesterday. So, now i have to get enough sleep coz i’m not used to drive this far.
When it comes to the rules and regulations, i will ingenuously obey them. I really wish i could come late and leave early but i’m carrying my university’s name. So, i have to potray good disciplines and strong commitment in front of them.
At the time being, i’m helping them out doing some budgets and claims. So far(almost all the time), there’s nothing much to do here . That’s why i prefer staying in the computer room which has internet connection.