February 27, 2009


Been really really busy these days and LORDDDD… design is another issue!! Staying focus on the other hand is another different story. I can hardly concentrate specifically on studies. I’ve googled some info and tips on how to stay focus. Now i’m still in the midst of  applying the tips and making it as a routine to my daily life.  Semester 6 isn’t as easy as I thought.  CATIA and design turn my world upside down. Dunno la, maybe I just don’t have the flair for doing CATIA and design or maybe it’s just not the thing that I am good at.

“Ala, tak minat design n drawing tak engine lar.. “<– quotation from Mechanical engineering students.

Biar la, what do I care. That’s the problem when you’re a lone ranger type of student. I am used to doing things own my own but only with what I do well. Sometimes I just wish I have a good company whom can be my guidance  so that I don’t have to do the sickening Trial and Error which i’ve been practicing over the years. At least I don’t need to tebalkan my face to borrow assignments from my anonymous  classmates. Yeah, I did that, frequently(lately) especially in desperate moment. hahaha.

Good day people.  🙂


4 Responses to “askjhaskjgaskgvh…”

  1. DoRaEmon Says:

    dun wori a lone ranger student, u will become a successful person later..coz u will learn on how to be an independent also experience on that..really tough to face it..but it work now..hehehe..

    so chaiyok! let done thing that u ar started..hehehe

  2. floyd87 Says:

    Thanks for the support kak nora.

  3. maika Says:

    sedih juga ko nie.. odoi dogo..

  4. Ernesto Says:

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Are you tension? panic?

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