August 20, 2008

I just read this blog of my taeky buddy. My goodness! I am really shocked to hear that her “Mr. Right” has died in a road accident few months ago. As he is referred as her “Mr. right” in her previous blog, what I can interpret is that he wasn’t just her Mr. Right but TrUE and Real Mr. Right.

I can never imagine myself in your shoes, Cat.

My Goodness……………….

Be strong Cat. You’re a strong person inside out, I know.

Have patience ya Cat. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.


Catch up.

August 19, 2008

It is now the fourth day of holiday but a lot of catch ups are required. I feel like I’m being left far behind from the others. Being in the nerd group of M1 really scared the shit out of me. It’s true yet highly beneficial for an ordinary student like me. Now that I am in semester 5, things are not getting any easier. Thermodynamics II and System dynamics seem to be my worst fear. Lab reports on the other hand are driving me nuts.

I need to settle down, so badly. My involvement in numerous activities has given a big impact on my studies. No worries I guess because Ramadan is coming up and it would be the best opportunity for me/us to settle down because Ramadan is the month of fasting.

The truth is, I’m a true GTF enthusiast. It’s part of life right now. The bonding of “Geng Katak” is so strong and I believe it will continue to grow more vigorously. The upcoming event is the National Tournament which is going to be held on the 29th and 30th of August 2008 at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam.

I will try to update my blog whenever I have extra hours. Till then.

Mid semester break.

August 15, 2008

I think my entire course mates including me, were not in the mood of going to class early this morning. There were quite a small number of them attending the 8.30am, Mat405 Laplace class. Frankly, I had 50-50 feeling of going to the particular class too. But since I have to submit my “redone” Fluid lab report, I kept on telling my mind that attending the class is a like a win-win situation because I was already in my faculty. With reluctance, I forced myself to step into room B3-A10-9/10. I don’t like to be unprepared for the class because I am a fond of math. But then I have to admit that it was worth it because we (only a few of us in the class) get extra marks for the In Class Assignment.

But you can say that this whole mood swing of not attending classes is reasonable.

You know why? 

Mid semester Break tells all ~~(16th -23rd August) ~~

P/s: Due to my intolerable laziness, I have actually made my second debut of escaping the evening Mandarin 3 class. =p Have a great holiday everyone!!