Overly disastrous.

June 23, 2008

Intersession is completely a disaster. I’m glad it’s over though. To me, Fluid 2 was incomprehensible.  

I suffered a lot! NO, I wouldn’t say that. The truth is WE..  WE suffered a lot! Words can’t describe how our situations were.

Imagine I have to attend the other group punya class just because I don’t understand my own lectures and it has become a hassle for me (us). There were few students who did the same thing as me. Well, that’s how we survived.

I however truly believe that there is a blessing in disguise behind all this. 

Here, I’d like express my appreciation to Mr. Nazri, thank you for allowing us to join in your class without any payment. Thank you so much for your kindness. Kudos to you!  

To Miss Azlin, my academic advisor, I really appreciate the recommendation and help from you. Kudos to you!

Also to my friend Zack and Yani, thanks for helping me out and most importantly thanks for the ride to class … From the faculty to my house. Back and forth…  Back and forth especially Zack. Haha.       

I almost forgot .The actual purpose for me to write this post is to inform you that I have actually finished my intersession exam today. Hooray, and my going back to Sabah this Thursday.