May 24, 2008

OMG! This is a pure coincidence. My family is coming here for my sister’s convocation- they are probably reaching LCCT now.  

Below is my horoscope for today:  

Are you in a romantic relationship right now? If so, you can expect things to shift around today. It looks like things are moving to the next stage — and you are ready for it, whether you think so or not. If you are not seeing someone, then this is a day for family. You need to schedule some time with a sibling or close cousin — it’s been too long since you have caught them up on your life, and they haven’t had the chance to share their big news with you!

Schedule quality time with a sibling or close cousin — you two need to catch up.

I’m just surprise that this is true or rather a coincidence.


haa.. Copy lagi…

May 23, 2008

If I was to do anything in front of the class (i.e exercises or tutorial) it would be okay for me but only if I am well prepared. I am so embarrassed today. My lecturer just pointed at me and asked me to do a derivation of formula. Trust me; you don’t wanna know what the formula is. He first asked us to pass up the assignment he gave yesterday. 

Okay first, I(we) didn’t know that it was an assignment. Secondly, I was 5 minutes late and the first thing I knew when I entered the class was the tutorial is needed to be passed up that time. He(my lecturer) was away then to get some coffee. To make things worst, I just knew that my answers were wrong. So it left me no choice but to just copy from my friend.

Zack (my classmate) was the first victim. Zack gave me a ride to class and he’s late too and technically, he did the same thing as me, copying other people’s work. He then was asked to re-do the assignment question at the board in front of the class but unfortunately Zack was unable do it because Mr. Hafidz did not allow him to bring any reference papers in front.

After asking few of my classmates to try and solve the question in front , he then proposed another method of solving the question which is by deriving another formula.

I was sitting at the front table, and he pointed at me..

“Okay, the guy in blue. How can you find T ”, he mumbled( as he always do).

I was shocked coz I didn’t expect him to ask me that.

“Isn’t that ‘T’ is supposed to be the ‘T1’ ? ”, I replied with hesitation.

Mr. Hafidz: Which ‘T’ do you mean? Okay go in front and show your working.

I went blanked. You have no idea how much I hate this. I however just went in front and show him what the constant value is and what the unknown variable is. HENTAM  lah that’s all I know.  But still I’m so embarrassed coz at that point of time I know nothing and it’s very obvious that I looked nervous.

Somehow, it’s a good thing that it’s not only me who’s in the same shoes with Zack.

Today is the first day of Intersession. Waking up 8.30 o’clock in the morning was totally not worth it. Fluid dynamic II class is supposed to start at 10.40am. I woke up early to gain the momentum of attending lectures. It has been two marvelous weeks since I finished my final exams and I still can’t believe that it’s over. I went camping with my Taeky buddies on 10th and 11th  of June. We had a blast and it was a memorable day for all of us. Then I did some voluntary work at Pusat Sukan UiTm for one week. It was for the SUKOB, Sukan Kolej-kolej Bersekutu.

Now here I am, back to reality, doing intersession.  

I sometimes sit down and contemplate whether it is the right thing to do. I mean, I deserve to get a long break after all that I’ve been through for this semester. But come to think of it, I’m not the only person who is doing the same ultimate sacrifice. Plus, it is for my own good.

See, I managed to coax myself down kan?hehe


Jalan jalan…

May 8, 2008

To me, ” Ironman” is not a type of movie that is worth watching in cinemas. Opinion ranges across the spectrums but my genre of movie is still gonna be HORROR.Yeah, I’ve watch Ironman  last night at Bukit Raja, Klang. I only paid rm6 for it since it was Wednesday. Nasib baik lah bukan Rm12 like the one in Midvalley. It was okay la but what I can say is that Transformers is a lot better. =)

We went back to Shah Alam right after the movie finished. After sending Ojep’s girlfriend to her hostel, we then went for a dinner at Hidayah. The night was still young then. So, we (Faizal,Adeq,Ojep and Raidah) went for a bowl at Oleh Oleh. We had a blast but unfortunately Kak Nora did not had the chance to join the club. Poor her. Sorry Kak nora. The next destination was Uptown, a place where they sell bundles and stuff. It was 3.30am. After a drink at Restoran Hakim, we finally agreed to go home. We stayed at Faizal’s… Ooops.. not before sending Raidah home..


May 6, 2008

Define  Waiting:

1st.  Fine…. Can still be patient.

2nd. Can still take it.

3rd. Tired..

4th. Dunno what to do, Just gonna wait cluelessly.

5th. Patience is what takes.

6th. Be realistic,Think logically. Give yourself and other people a chance.It’s the time  to take action.

Below are pictures of activities for semester 4.


Family Day at Taman Pertanian,Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam.

24th February 2008


Industrial Visit at SAPURA ENERGY

20th February 2008



World Taekwondo Tournament,(WTF) UiTM. Shah Alam and Faizal n twins’ Birthday.

23rd March 2008





 Traditional Taekwondo Tournament (GTF), The Summit Subang.

30th March 2008


GTf BBq day, UiTm.

12th April 2008



Keynah’s Birthday bash..

1st May 2008




Early bird…

May 5, 2008

Today, I woke up real early. 5.30AM. Way too early! It was almost the subuh prayer and apparently none of my muslim housemates came out from their room to …. U know… menunaikan  solat subuh. Is that what they call it? Correct me if I’m wrong. Naqib, if u’re reading this, no offense ya? He he he he…

Actually there’s a reason why I’m an early bird today.  I had an upset stomach. I tried to shit real hard but no to avail. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so then I decided to go out from my room to comfort myself. I made myself “yi bei re de meilu”. Translation, hot Milo. Since I’ve just completed my mandarin 2, now wanna berlagak a bit la. Hehe.

The breakfast show (NTV7) only starts at 8, so I had no choice but to watch the TV3 program though I didn’t actually watch. The sound of the TV is just what I needed to keep me companied. You know what? I should have listened to the radio lar, genius betul, I should have thought that earlier.