This incident happened on Thursday. 

 I was in my room watching GHOST, an 8TV series.

I had no morning classes that day, like always.

ALL of a sudden, I heard a loud bang coming from the living room. I was jolted and rushed my way out of my room immediately. I saw my housemate walked away from the living room and went in his bedroom. At first, I did not notice anything. 

I was quite surprised to see my Japanese folding table went turn-turtle. My notes were all over the floor including my Manufacturing textbook (cost me Rm85). The guitar, unfortunately not mine, was left in an improper position on the floor and it looked just like it was just being slammed on the floor. No wonder I heard a loud bang of guitar being smashed on the floor just now.  

After putting my stuff back to its initial position, I went in to my room continuing to what I was doing previously. After a while, I felt weird regardless to what happened just now.

To satisfy my curiosity, I finally asked my housemate on how did my table could go turn-turtle.  coz the table is quite heavy and I can vividly remember that my thick manufacturing textbook was on top of it.

I knocked his room once  and entered without his permission(my bad)..

“Jamil, macam mane meja tu boleh terbalik? “ I asked politely..and of course with full of curiosity…

Jamil: Keluar… he replied..

He sent me out.. SIAP BUKA PINTU LAGI TU..


Never mind, he’s in his period phase I guess…hahaha….


Do whatever you want… Just don’t touch my stuff!

I was intimidated oso la, coz he didn’t even apologize till now..         


bel490 and taman pertanian..

February 13, 2008

we’re all in this together- Taman pertanian malaysia 

  Woke up a bit late this morning,but not as late as yesterday. To tell you the truth, i escaped the morning class yesterday.. ethnic relation(ctu553). hehe.. So it was officially my ‘first time of escaping class’ for this semester. So bad, coz i’m not the kind of person who escapes class UNLESS …… Ok dont make go into that part coz it annoys me a lot.. 

I came late in my BEL490(english- communication) class . My lecturer asked us to present our topic in forth week time but i (we) have not even finish my topic outline. The presentation only covers the introductory part of the topic. We have 5 minutes to do so.. she gave us some tips for the presentation:

  • introduce general topics
  • get attention and intention
  • reveal the topic
  • establish credibility -give confidence
  • create a good rappot
  • beggin with quotation,idiom etc with its elaboration.. another way is by telling a story or your experience

I went to the UNIt kenderaan right after my class finish. Grabbed the application form and filled it immediately. It was for  the Family Day purpose which takes place at Taman Pertanian Malaysia. Pejo and i went to Pusat Islam get the application form Proved by our penaung kelab, Mdm. Salwati sabtu.

Kak Nora picked me up at the Mawar bus station and we (sakinah,pejo,nabila) made our way to Taman pertanian Malaysia,Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam, Shah Alam. We booked the place for our Family day program which will be done on the 24 of february.. 

we felt so… penat . I was Really exhausted,kak nora sent me home at 6pm , after reaching home i slept(almost) the entire evening and woke up at nearly 10.

Mid semester Break..

February 5, 2008

This is the moment that we (meant for university students) have been waiting for; Mid semester break. Yeah, finally. . But the lecturers left us too much stuff to do. Lab reports especially, which I hate doing most. Since I’m not going back to my hometown, I’ll be chilling out at my place in section 7,Shah Alam. But of course it won’t be the same, coz  there’s no place like home, right? Unlike other people , went home enjoying their holidays at their hometown. Well, I did ask my friend to  bring  oleh-oleh for me. Haha.. wonder what drove me crazy to ask for that. Thank GOD I have streamyx now, at least I won’t be bored looking at the ceiling.  

 These are the things that need to be completed or to do during this break:

1)      Finish the lab reports. Ah, I forgot what the titles are..

2)      Outlines for bel490(English) – The importance of early sex education among children.. The other one is Leadership; How to be a good listener.

3)      Since there’ll be a test in the following week,  it left me no choice but to prepare for it..

4)      Chinese new year  is around the corner. So of course I won’t be a sitting duck in my room. As for now, no plans on my mind. I’ll figure it out later. Ohya, it’ll be a great idea to bring my siblings to toss our way to anywhere lah Chinese rest, as long as it’s a Chinese restaurant, not necessarily yang mahal2 one..

aloha wordpress…

February 2, 2008

WordPress! Cool.. Since this is my first time blogging in wordpress,I haven’t  gotten myself  familiar with all those buttons and its functions but  will get used to  it soon.

I used to blog in friendster until one day my sister recommended wordpress to me. So,here I am, in my first post.hehe..

Oh,Great. Now that I have my own streamyx, I can blog here anytime I want.

 Not much to crap right now .. So this is for now.